Face Skin Care Tips to Help You Feel Beautiful This Winter

5 Fail-Safe Face Skin Care Tips to Help You Feel Beautiful This Winter

Seasonal festivities may make winter the most wonderful time of the year, but the colder climates that come with the wintertime can often require a dramatic shake up of your skincare routine. After months of rejuvenating your skin with vitamin D in the summertime, the exposure to harsh weather conditions can leave your face feeling less than nourished during the colder season.

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Facial skin is incredibly sensitive, which is why today, the Edinburgh-based spa specialists at Zen Lifestyle are bringing us 5 fail-safe face care tips to ensure that your skin is left feeling healthy and radiant throughout the colder months. So, whether you have an oily or dry skin tone, you can rest assured that your skin will be glowing in time for the work Christmas party.

1. Eat well and stay hydrated

With a calendar packed full with festive activities and Christmas parties, it can be easy to fall out of the habit of nourishing your body with a balanced diet. Unfortunately, for most of us, the healthiness of our skin goes hand-in-hand with the amount of nutrients we take in, which means continuing to eat well (where possible) and staying topped up with h2o will ensure that your skin is left glowing during the winter months. Don’t be afraid to give in to a seasonal treat, but keep your face feeling its healthiest by ensuring your diet remains high in omega-3s and antioxidants like nuts and berries.

2. Moisturise regularly

Whether you suffer from dryness or have an oily skin tone, the harsh winter weather can leave us all with noticeably drier skin. The lack of humidity means that your face can lose a significant amount of moisture, which is why regular moisturising is a crucial part of skin care when the colder weather hits. With the array of water-based and oil-based products available, you’re sure to find the right moisturiser that works for you – whether that’s a light moisturiser or a heavier nighttime cream.

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3. Exfoliate your skin

There’s much debate over how much you should exfoliate your face, and that’s because harsh facial treatments can leave your skin feeling even more sensitive. Incorporate a gentle exfoliating scrub into your weekly face skin care routine to help get rid of dead cells and allow more moisture to permeate through your skin. Follow up with an alcohol-free toner and moisturiser to leave your skin feeling soft and fresh.

4. Avoid long, hot baths

After braving the blustery winds and freezing outdoor temperatures, it can be tempting to indulge in an indulgent hot bath or shower. Relaxing in a bubble bath with a large glass of wine may be a great way to get you through the season, but these high heats can actually strip your body’s skin of moisture – leaving it incredibly vulnerable to dryness and chapping. To keep your skin at its healthiest, preserve the natural oils and moisture on your face and body by opting for a shorter, warm bath or shower – and the same goes for your face-washing routine.

5. Care for your chapped lips

As the winter air starts to lose its moisture, so will the most delicate areas of your facial skin. More moisture is lost through the lips than anywhere else on the face or body, which is why sore and chapped lips are so common during colder months. Opt for an SPF 15 petroleum or beeswax lip balm. This will not only trap moisture and prevent chapping, but it will also protect your lips against damage from the strong winter sun – so you can keep your lips in the best condition throughout the year.

As the seasons change, so should our skincare routines. The cold temperatures mean that our skin loses moisture, and our reliance on central heating can often mean our bodies are left dehydrated. Replenishing your body is a must all year round, and from eating well to investing in a good range of balms and facial treatments, nourishing your body with natural moisture is key for feeling beautiful this winter.