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Perming After-Care – Best Hairdressers London

Many Hairdressers in London offer perming treatments which can be the perfect hair makeover, building volume and adding a lot of spunk to your look. During the process, your hair is exposed to special chemicals and styling rods to tweak it into its new curly shape. Which is why, after a perm treatment, your hair needs some special TLC, so be sure to give it the after-care it needs.

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How (and when) to wash your hair:
Avoid washing your hair for a minimum of 24 hours after your treatment. Sometimes a stylist may suggest waiting 72 hours or more (or less), depending on the kind of chemicals they used and your hair type, as well as the style of perm you picked. When you do wash your hair, avoid using hot water because this can spoil your perm. Instead, use mildly warm water.

The right hair care products for perm after-care:
There are special shampoos as well as conditioners on the market, designed to protect hair that’s been permed. After a perm, hair tends to get a little dry, so these hydrating shampoos and deep conditioning products help restore the tresses and keep them from getting brittle and frizzy. Use only a wide toothed comb for your hair, and comb only when wet. If possible stick to combing while the conditioner is still left in, before the final rinse off. Steer clear of brushes – they can damage your hair badly and cause it to break.

Drying your hair gently:
After you wash your hair, always pat it down gently with a soft towel and don’t dry roughly. Avoid using a blow dryer or any heat treatments on your hair, these can spoil the perm and damage your hair leaving it looking frizzy and unkempt instead of stylishly curly. If you must use a dryer, then use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment so that it can disperse the air preventing the curls from being harmed. For other heated styling tools too, it is important to apply a conditioning product or a special thermal protectant to protect your hair from heat exposure.

Get a hair trim every month or so:
For a perm to stay as bouncy and voluminous as before, you will need to trim your hair every month or month and a half. This will prevent it from being weighed down and pulling the curls straight, leaving you with lifeless flat hair. A trim also prevents the ends from getting damaged, letting your perm last longer sans any major cuts.

Skip the ponytail or braid:
For the days following your perm, let your hair down. Leaving it loose allows the perm to settle nicely and not binding it into a tight ponytail or braid also prevents breakage. A tight elastic or scrunchie can cause your perm to turn out with odd looking ‘dents’ where they held the hair and ruin the look of your perm.

Protect your hair from the sun:
Direct sunlight can damage chemically treated hair. Wear a hat or cover your hair with a scarf or bandana tied loosely around your curls to protect it from the harsh UV rays. Should you choose to take a swim, protect it from chlorinated water by using a swimming cap.

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