Manicures & Nail Trends

Five New Trends in Manicures
Last year was all about bright, metallic nail paint colours and bold, edgy nail art designs. This year doesn’t seem to be any different and we couldn’t be any happier! So what can we expect from manicure designs of this year? Here’s a quick look at some of them:


Spray on nail paint!
Okay, let’s accept it. We have spent days watching those amazing nail art videos on YouTube and pinned almost every simple/complicated manicure design we came across on Pinterest, but to no avail. Somehow not many of us can master the techniques shared by these expert nail artists. So what do we do? We spray paint instead! Yes, not many people know about spray nail paints yet, but given the number of people who have a tough time painting there nails right, we don’t see a reason why this trend won’t catch up.

Graphic nail paint
We expect to see a lot of graphic nail designs on fashion runways this year. Lettering nail paint design is as simple as it sounds – you just need to coat your nails with a colour of your choice and then paste letters on them, as if trying to convey a message. All you need for this one is a nail lettering kit (you don’t even need steady hands for all that careful designing, this one’s all about stickers)!

Textured patterns
Textured patterns look elegant and quite minimalistic compared to the loud nail trends like bold metallics, which are popular right now. Your options are plenty too, either get a store-made nail kit or look for textures around you. Lace is a beautiful and simple texture to begin with. Just cut out a small piece place it on your nail and top it off with a clear or coloured coat of nail polish. Feathers are another favourite in the category. Trim a set of cute feathers (you can get them from a craft store) based on the length of your nails and coat it with a clear, shimmering nail paint.

Bold metallics
Well, there is no ignoring this one. Bold metallics stare right in your face with all that bling and shine, but they are a must-try this season. Vibrant purple, green, golden and silver are the colours to begin with before topping them with metal studs and embellishments. Nail foils are a popular option to complete the metallic look. They just have to be glued to the nail and topped with a coat of clear nail polish.

The good old French mani, but with patterns
There is no denying that French manicures are a classic, but there is no harm in adding a twist to it, right? This year, we expect to see French manicures with a lot of cute patterns right from colourful polka dots to little stars and hearts!

This year will also witness an extensive use of 3D nail art charms and crystals, lending a unique look to your regular nail paint designs and art.