How to Cover Your Dark Circles Using Make Up?

Cover Your Dark Circles Using Make Up….

We have all had those days when we have spent sleepless nights – be it due to an exam or meeting a deadline. A lot of us have also given up on our sleep for interesting reasons – night outs with friends and frequent late night parties! Whatever your reason is for staying up late and not getting enough sleep, the result could soon show up in the form of dreadful under eye circles. They are not a pleasant sight, but thankfully there are simple ways to hide them with makeup. Here’s how you do it:

Cover Your Dark Circles Using Make Up

Choose the right product
To get the desired effect, it is essential that you have the right products in hand. Your most important tool in this case, is a concealer that is perfect for your skin. It should be the right shade for your skin tone. However, the trick to finding the perfect concealer for your skin is a little different from that of getting the right foundation. You should use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Also pay attention to the kind of concealer you use. Just because a stick concealer works for your friend, does not mean it will do the trick for you as well. Pick a concealer based on your skin type; light, creamy concealers usually work for most skin types and are easy to work with.

Before picking the concealer, moisturise your under eye area. It will help prevent the concealer from settling into creases and fine lines around your eyes.

Time to conceal
Use your ring finger to apply the concealer. Cover the under eye area with small dots of the product, but instead of focussing on just the dark circles, form a triangular shape with the concealer just under the eye. It means you will be covering more area than just your dark circles, which will impart a natural look. Then start blending the product, but be gentle throughout, you don’t want to apply a lot of pressure on the sensitive area.

Set it
Next set in the concealer with a face powder. It will add to the coverage and will also make it last longer.

Bonus tip
The step by step procedure we shared above is an effective and popular way of concealing dark circles. However, there is another lesser-known way of covering your dark under eye area. Have a red or an orange coloured lipstick? Great, then let’s get started! Cover your under eye area with a little bit of orange/red lipstick and work the product around. Blend it well and then apply your concealer over it. This method is also highly effective in hiding those awful under eye circles. Some people also use a green lipstick instead of red one to get the same effect.

Covering dark circles with makeup is a quick fix. However, to prevent dark circles from appearing drink plenty of water, follow a healthy diet and get enough sleep!