Facial Hair Removal

Facial Hair Removal – Five Things You Should Know Before You Get Your Face Waxed

Nothing spells high-culture better than a well-maintained, properly-groomed physique. Whether you are a perfectly chiseled and well built alpha-male or a delicate shade of feminine beauty, proper grooming is essential for a refined persona. Waxing your face serves to get rid of all the undesirable hair cropping up distastefully, resulting in a classy pristine look.

facial hair removal

Browse through the following tips before readying up to heat your waxing mix:

Medical conditions: Check the face for any rashes, swelling, scratches and acne- you should not wax over open wounds or irritations. Some medicines tend to make the skin very dry. Avoid waxing if you are on such medications otherwise you may experience some scarring and pain. Always inform the waxing specialist if you have any specific skin conditions.

Condition your skin: Apply a facial scrub a couple of days before getting waxed. Wash off any moisturisers or cream, the skin should be clean and clear. Hair longer than about five millimetres needs to be trimmed down; Two to three mm is the perfect length for ideal waxing. Also, avoid bathing just before waxing – your skin becomes too soft from the warm bath and may easily become bruised.

Post-wax treatment: Gently rub off the leftover wax using a make-up remover and cotton. After-waxing oils are also available to ease the process. Proceed to wash your face with cool water. In case of any burning or irritation, apply some anti-inflammatory ointment. As the skin remains sensitive, do not sunbathe or use any other cosmetic product just after waxing.

Technicalities: Waxing at home can be a tad inconvenient – there is a risk of burns and bruises from the occasional hot splash. Going to a salon spares you from knowing about the technicalities. But if you are determined to do it at home, it is prudent to exercise caution. Ensure that the temperature of the wax-mix is just right; a honey-like texture is a good sign. It should slide smoothly over your skin but not be searing hot.

If you are at a spa, insist that there should be absolutely no chance of ‘double dipping’. The repetitive use of the same melt can lead to infections from microbes growing on discarded skin cells. As far as waxing your face is concerned, it is always a good idea to leave the job to the professionals. Even a small mistake, like the wrong temperature of the wax-mix can make a profound difference to your appearance.

Worried about the pain of facial hair removal? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Numbing creams and pain-relief tablets, even Aspirin, can be consumed some time before waxing to make it painless. Also, firmly pressing the area makes the removal of the wax relatively gentler. Certain food-items like coffee make the skin too sensitive, avoid them for a couple of days. Bring a friend along for the waxing and both of you can distract each other! Think of the way your smooth skin will glow after the treatment.