Frequently Asked Questions on Spray Tanning

Have you heard about spray tanning, and are slightly intrigued by the process? Do you want to try it out? Then read this handy FAQ for spray tanning to find out everything you need to know about the process.

spray tan

What is a spray tan, exactly?
A spray tan is exactly what it sounds like, a tan that you spray on. Salons use DHA, an active compound that is known to darken skin, in the form of a spray, and spray it on your body. Spray tans often take place in spraying rooms, where all you have to do is hold your breath and turn to ensure full coverage on both sides. Alternatively, they can be sprayed on using a hand applicator by experienced tanning professionals. Spray tans come in different shades to suit your needs, and can give you everything from a deep, smooth tan to a barely-there sun-kissed glow.

What is DHA?
DHA is dihydroxyacetone, a carbohydrate that was approved by the FDA for use in external tanning in the 1970s. The compound is perfectly safe so long as it is not ingested. Tanning salons take necessary precautions to ensure that their clients do not accidentally ingest any DHA. DHA is usually derived from a vegetable source like beets.

What should I do to prepare for a spray tan?
This one’s easy. All you need to do to prep for a spray tanning session is exfoliate the night before, and leave your skin as free and fresh as possible. If you have to remove hair, do it at least 24 hours before your session to allow your pores to have time to close properly. Avoid putting on make-up or lotion, they only get in the way of the tanning solution.

How long do I have to stay without showering after my tan?
This varies with your shade, but it is usually recommended that you go 8-10 hours before your initial shower. The longer your tan stays on, the better your colour.

Can I go swimming after my tan?
Generally, it is recommended that you stay out of chlorinated water after you tan, as it may affect your skin. Regular water is okay, though.

Can I get a spray tan after tanning in the sun?
You can. If you’re already tanned and want to even out your tan, airbrush tanning might be the best solution for you. Experienced technicians will be able to match the shade of your present tan and ensure that all the blotchy parts of your tan look smooth and glowing with an airbrush.

• How long will my spray tan last?
This depends on the colour of your tan, the type of tan, and your general skin chemistry. Usually, spray tans can last anywhere between 4-10 days, and longer if you moisturise and use tan extenders.

I don’t tan in the sun, or my skin burns too easily. Is spray tanning still an option for me?
You are the perfect spray tan customer! Since spray tanning does not involve sunlight, it does not matter if you find it hard to tan in the sun. You’ll be able to get the glow you’ve always wanted with a spray tan, and it won’t be a problem at all!

Now that you’re in the know about spray tans, try one out!