Get the Perfect Look – Beauty Salons Newcastle

Get the Perfect Look – Beauty Salons Newcastle

A beauty salon is a one stop destination to address all your hair and skin needs. The mandatory beauty session before an upcoming event leaves you with the perfect look for an enchanted evening. Whether it’s for removal of unwanted body hair or body polishing, there is a treatment for every beauty need of yours.

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Treatments offered within beauty salons:

Hair treatments: The range of hair treatments starts with a haircut and ends with hair extensions. Haircuts can be just a regular trim or a drastic makeover. You can choose to add some colour by either getting a rad global hair colour or bright highlights. For an evening out, hair styling and blow-outs are necessary to set your hair for a stylish look. There are additional services offered for special occasions like a wedding. Trendy hair extensions can also be tried.

Nail care: A complete look can be achieved only with perfectly manicured nails. Pedicures and manicures are as important as a facial. Nails are cleaned and shaped, dead cuticle is removed and bright nail paint finishes the look. Pedicures leave your feet soft. Dead skin from the feet is removed, feet cracks are rubbed over and your baby soft sole is a delight to touch. Apart from regular pedicure and manicure, beauty salons now offer nail art. Keep your nails fun and flirty with trendy nail art.

Hair removal services: Only bears can carry off body hair and rock it. Hair removal is a painful ordeal but is inevitable. Eyebrow shaping, upper lip (either waxing or threading), facial hair removal (waxing or threading), hands and legs waxing are commonly offered hair removal services. Most salons offer Brazilian and bikini waxing services too. Apart from normal sugar wax that is used, there are other signature variations like chocolate wax which is far more effective in removing small and fine hair.

Facials: Each salon offers its signature facials apart from the standard services. There are skin lightening, rejuvenation, galvanic, fruit and oxygen facials, to name a few. Beauty salons also offer spa facials which last for over an hour.

Body massages: If you thought body massages are offered only at day spas, you will be surprised to find the same at a beauty salon. There are essential massages like back massage, signature massages, chair massages and spa treatments. A complete body massage relaxes stress knots and leaves you in high spirits.

Tanning services: There is no substitute to a light golden tan. Tanned skin is envious and adds that little extra magic when you step out. To get a tan you needn’t sit out in the sun a week in advance, all it takes is half an hour before the event to get an even spray of colour. You could choose to get a face tan only or a complete body tan. The beauty salon may either have a tanning tent or tanning pods for a full body tan or temporary tanning sprays for a localised tan.

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