How to Get Those Smoky Eyes Visiting The Best Beauty Salons?

Smoky eyes have taken the world by storm. Every celebrity out there flaunts this look and every woman simply wants to look like their favourite celebrity. There are a lot of tutorials out there that promises to help you try and apply the smoky eye shadow all by yourself, but it never turns out as shown, right?

Don’t you feel like you look like a raccoon after trying those DIY tutorials? Instead of spending hours of time and effort to perfect that smoky-eyes look, why not just head to a Birmingham Beauty Salon and get it done there by the experts?

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Benefits of getting your smoky eyes done at the beauty salon
Professional knowledge: The makeup artists at the salons have years of training and experience in this field and they are always up to date with the latest styles and trends. They also have very steady hands as they are used to applying makeup for others.

Troubleshooting: These makeup artists will be able to fix any errors that they make when applying the eye shadow.
They will also know what look would suit you best, so you can just sit back, relax and have the perfectly done smoky eyes makeup, in no time.

Types of smoky eyes
So you have chosen to go to the salon to get your smoky eye look, but you are confused about the wide variety of choices in terms of colour and style of smoky-eye makeup? Here is a list of looks that you could try out and choose the one that would suit your style and outfit the best.

All black smoky eyes: This is the most eye catching style of all the smoky eyes look. There are two types; the edgy and the smouldering look, whichever you choose it will be the talk of the town and you will be envied by all the other women at the party.

Brown smoky eyes: This is a more natural look, but isn’t any less catchy. You will love working with all those different shades of brown that are on the palette. Most importantly, it offers a change from the classic black smoky eyes and can also give a very classy look for a day brunch or a more subtle version for everyday use.

Coloured smoky eyes: This trend is for the more adventurous lot and those who love matching their makeup with the outfit. The benefit here is that salons have almost all the colours you can ever think of, so you can choose any colour you please and play around with it, and you won’t even have to buy a whole new palette every time.

Glitter smoky eyes: Who doesn’t like a bit of bling to brighten up the night? This is a very good option for you when you want a more glamorous look. You can add glitters to almost any one of the previous smoky eyes styles and then just watch the heads turn.

Complement your dramatic eye makeup with bright-coloured lipstick for a bolder look or just go with a nude shade to draw more attention to your eyes.

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