How We Decide

Business Recommendations

How We Decide:

The 10 Best Hair & Beauty Professionals must meet a certain standard and are chosen by looking at the following criteria:

1) Local Community Reputation & Customer Reviews
2) Business’s Standing Amongst Industry Peers
3) Accreditations & Awards
4) Venue Design & Cleanliness
5) Website Design & Functionality
6) Services & Products Offered
7) Location to City Centre
8) Telephone & Customer Service

Businesses listed on UK 10 Best are chosen following a review of the criteria set out above. This ensures that the most suitable businesses are place on the 10 Best site, offering our visitors the best possible choices available.

A member of the 10 Best team may visit a business location at any time, and in many cases they will not make themselves known to any member of staff or owner.

Each category on the 10 Best website only allows for 10 businesses to be featured on any one page. Once the 10 positions on the page have been filled, the list for the specific page is then closed.

10 Best welcomes business recommendations from general visitors and business owners at any time. Visitors to the 10 Best site are welcome to make recommendations on any business as many times as they like.

Business recommendations submitted that have been refused will not be publicised or made known to any third party. A business that has been refused can be recommended again at any time. The business can also be accepted at a later date following a refusal providing the criteria has been met.

10 Best receives 100's of recommendations every month. We are unfortunately unable to accept or list all of the businesses recommended due to the limited positions available on the site.

10 Best will not generally provide any reasons behind a business being refused a position on the 10 Best site.

Any data collected via the 'Recommend A Business' or 'Contact Us' forms on the 10 Best websites are used for internal purposes only. Any personal information collected will not be shared or sold to any third party.

To Recommend A Business:



Businesses are free to use any of the logos on this
page to place on their own website, however the logos must link
back to the uk10best website or your 10 Best profile page.
If you require other colours please let us know via our
'Contact Us' page and we'll send them across.