How Often Should you have a Beauty Salon Facial

How often should you have a Facial at a Beauty Salon?

The benefits of a facial are known to all. Most Manchester Beauty Salons offer various facials. Even though many are aware of what to expect from a facial, the question about its frequency still remains unanswered.

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Most beauty experts insist that a facial must be a part of everyone’s skin care regime. When you leave after a session, you are instilled with a renewed sense of calm and the satisfaction of an afternoon spent well. Even better, you leave with a glowing skin. There are many factors that determine how often you should visit the beauty salon for a facial. Agreed, that it’s a bliss to get that half an hour of pampering: the whole exfoliating steam, the rejuvenating massage and the finishing touch with the hydrating mask, you shouldn’t be getting one too often. Although, you may be waiting for your next chance to get that appointment for a facial, it may not be in your best interest to rush it.

There is no hard rule as to the ideal time gap between the facials; here are a few pointers to help you choose its frequency. Always remember that the frequency depends on age, skin type and exposure to the sun.

For general facials: The ideal time, as recommended by the experts is once every three to four weeks. The skin cells take about the same period to regenerate, making it the ideal time to exfoliate the dead cells. The skin is maintained clear and clean retaining an even skin tone. The skin remains glowing for an entire month.

Special facials: For acne prone skin, the skin tends to get oily very soon and getting facials too frequently makes it worse; skin starts to flare up and there is more harm done than good. A facial once in two weeks is recommended to clear the dead skin. Acne tends to reduce when the skin becomes calmer. The time between the facials can be shortened once the flare up reduces.

The once in a while facials: Most often things do not go according to plan. Unforeseen circumstances stretch out the time between facials: it may be due to a tight budget or a dentist appointment on the same day. If getting a facial done in every four weeks is a difficult-to-stick-to regime, one every season has similar effect. Skin is greatly affected by the changing seasons: the harsh sun damages the dermal layer while the cool season dries it out. A facial will keep your skin glowing regardless of the season.

All three possibilities are covered here. It is wise to consult with the beautician if you are still unsure about it. The products used during the facial also determine the effectiveness of the facial. After the facial, you can follow easy skin care regimes at home to maintain the healthy glow. It is as simple as keeping the skin hydrated by consuming enough fluids and using the right products. Understand the needs of your skin and analyse your lifestyle before you make the decision.

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