Shampoo and Blow-drying in a London Hair Salon

Shampoo and Blow-drying in a London Hair Salon

Finding the best hair salons in London can be quite a difficult task. This article throws light on what you need to look out for based on the condition of your hair.

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Sensitive scalp
An angry sensitive scalp needs expert hands to work on the hair from the very roots. A light brush on the scalp loosens dead cells. After removing all the flakes, the London hair salon professional gives the scalp an oil massage which goes on for about an hour. This ensures that every part of the scalp gets tender loving care and the oil penetrates the skin. After about an hour or less, your London hair expert would wash the hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo. Conditioning the hair leaves it looking perfect.

Excessively damaged hair
A lackadaisical attitude with your hair can leave it looking dismal. Damaged hair needs to be tackled effectively by an expert. A professional London hair salon caters to this with systematic routine. The professional examines the extent of the damage and after consulting with the client starts the procedure. The first step is to remove any dead cells on the scalp with a soft brush – basically the expert exfoliates.

The next step is to use ceramide that is protein rich on the hair shaft. This process takes time based on the extent of the damage. After this stage, the professional uses a shampoo especially created for damaged hair. Your stylist then conditions the hair and sets you free with a couple of instructions to follow when you get home. To primp the hair back, you need to go back for treatment as often as suggested by the professional.

Hot oil treatment
There is nothing as luxurious as a hot oil massage. The professional at the hair salon starts the process with a dry massage to remove any dead cells on the scalp. He then massages warm oil on your scalp for a good half an hour or more. You will have a choice of the oil that you prefer. After the massage, you will have to sit under a steam so that the oil penetrates for about 30 minutes. If the steam is not available, a warm towel placed on the scalp also does the trick. The professional then would wash your hair with a suitable shampoo and remove all traces of the oil. Your stylist would then condition the hair and styles it based on your requirement.

Regular hair
Even regular hair goes limp and is prone to dandruff. Tender treatment can set it right. A consultation with the expert suggests treatment to tackle any problem that you need. If you have frizzy hair, you can opt for treatment to iron out the curls. The anti-frizz treatment works wonders. Even your regular hair may experience hair loss, and the anti hair fall treatment will get your hair back in shape. Dandruff is a problem that takes time to sort out, the hair salon provides solutions to treat the problem.

An unhealthy scalp is the chief cause of bad hair. To tackle these problems plaguing women, hair care specialists have created shampoos with specialised treatment.

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