Six Ways in Which Hair Mousse Can Work Wonders For Your Hair

Mousse is one of the hair products you regularly walk by in the drugstore but never really pay any attention to. While a lot of people are under the impression that it is just for curly hair, it is actually for everyone. It is the magic product that far too many of us overlook. Unlike hairsprays and leave-in conditioners, mousse does not alter your hair but defines it, leaving the texture and style up to you. Here are a few reasons why mousse is one of the best hair products ever:

Hair Mousse

It’s better than hair spray – While hairsprays claim to fight humidity, they just don’t cut it. On the other hand, mousse has a special consistency that keeps the hair styled the way you want it, and fights through weather conditions that are unfriendly to your hair.

The curls stay curled – Every girl with curly hair knows the importance of mousse. Curly hair tends to be resilient to almost all hair products except mousse, which is one of the few products that can tame the wild curls. Instead of greasing them up or weighing them down, mousse lifts the curls and makes them soft and touchable.

It gives your hair that bouncy, luscious feeling – You know the feeling you get when you leave the hairdresser’s, shiny and bright hair, with your locks freshly washed, cut and styled by a professional stylist. That is the feeling you get every time you use mousse. Because of its light and fluffy texture, using it will give you thicker, fuller looking hair that holds the style you impose on it much longer than other products.

Get a lot of volume – You might have been surprised at how celebrities have such voluminous hair even with a long and wavy hairstyle every time you watch them walk down the red carpet. While not all of us can have professionals to do our hair on a regular basis, we can have a bottle of mousse handy to achieve the glamorous look right at our home. Applying mousse to the roots can give your hair volume and life, prep it for heat styling or just leave it alone to compliment your natural texture.

Foolproof – Since mousse comes in many forms, from sprays to creams and foams, applying it is easy. You just have to take the recommended quantity of the product into your palm, start at the root and work your way to the tips. It can be used with heat and works just as well without it. Whether you apply it to your hair before you head out or before getting into bed, your hair will remain soft and well defined with the help of some mousse.

It protects your hair too – These days everyone’s hair gets abused by harsh winds and hot tools, which makes protecting every single strand of hair more important than ever. Most of the brands add a chemical coating to their mousse products to protect the hair against most kinds of heat damage.