Soothing Moisturisers For After-Wax Application

Soothing Moisturisers for After-Wax Application

Waxing can leave your skin feeling smooth and silky, but only if you treat it with care afterwards. To avoid soreness and bumpy skin after waxing, equip yourself with some of the soothing moisturisers mentioned here, for a satiny finish.

Soothing Moisturisers

Why you should moisturise after waxing

Protect that skin: After-wax application of moisturiser helps form a protective layer on the skin that’s sensitive after having the hair pulled from its follicles. The moisture it traps keeps the skin soft and hydrated.

Nourished supple skin for less ingrowth: A good quality moisturiser ensures your skin is rejuvenated and supple. This makes hair easier to wax the next time around as hair breaks through the skin easily as it grows and you lower chances of ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs tend to happen when the skin itself is flaky or very dry, conditions not suited to the hair emerging properly.

Avoid soreness and bumpiness: If you pick the right moisturiser for use after-wax, you can prevent your sensitive skin from erupting in angry bumps. The cooling and healing properties of a good soothing moisturiser can work wonders.

Moisturisers before and after wax
Prepare your skin right before you even begin waxing it. Moisturise regularly with a deep hydrating formulation that keeps your skin healthy and supple so that after-waxing recovery is quick. After-wax, moisturiser also softens the hair that grows back making it less likely to bore into the skin.

Aloe vera based products
If you’re prone to ingrown hair, use some aloe vera gel or similar product designed to keep the skin soft and free of bumps. It also softens the follicles making hair easier to remove during a waxing session. Its antiseptic properties add to the popularity of such moisturisers. Supplement this with a pre moisturising cleanse using a good 2 percent salicylic acid cleanser applied to skin that has been iced with a cold pack right after waxing. An anti acne formulation or blemish cream works well, preventing bacteria from clogging your open pores while the ice closes pores faster.

Antiseptic moisturisers
Experts and skincare specialists often recommend using a moisturiser that contains ingredients with antiseptic benefits. Look for creams or lotions that have tea-tree oil, lavender oil or witch-hazel in them, besides aloe vera, a popular skincare ingredient. This will ease any kind of irritation you might experience in the patches that have been waxed. By avoiding inflammation of the waxed area, you also bypass some of the typical symptoms like a dull pain and soreness associated with waxing.

Moisturisers for sensitive skin
Skin that has been freshly waxed is more sensitive than usual. Use an oil or cream based moisturiser that is designed for very sensitive skin so that you don’t have a reaction or end up with red bumpy skin where you have waxed.

SPF levels in your moisturiser
Besides the hydration and nourishment your skin gets from the moisturiser, it also benefits from formulations that have high SPF protection. Skin that has been freshly waxed is sensitive and good sun protection prevents it getting damaged. Pick a moisturiser that has SPF 50 or more, look for packs that have SPF 50+ or 70.