Tipping your London Hairdresser

How Much Should You Tip Your Hairdresser in London?

How much should you tip your hairdresser depends on whether you would want to mess with someone who holds a pair of scissors near your ears! On a more serious note, a hairdresser defines your crowning glory and can be responsible for a host of compliments that you will receive at a party. So, saying thanks with a few wads of money doesn’t sound too bad right?


Tips to tipping your hairdresser
The general norm is 20% of the entire bill, but most women start at 10% and then move up, until 25%. Here are instances when your tip amounts may vary:

1) When you sport a really short haircut and need to visit the salon often to colour your hair or trim it, then you would be spending an awful lot on your salon bills and spending some more on tips would just not make it viable. So tip less.

2) Mothers with young children should increase their tip to make up for the tough time their children give the hairdresser.

3) When Christmas is around the corner, remember to give a generous tip to help the hairdresser celebrate it with greater cheer.

4) A free massage or a pedicure or if your hairstylist decided to blow dry and set your hair free of cost, then tipping would mean more such services to look out for.

5) The person who shampoos your hair deserves a bit of your tip too, especially since he/she banks on the tip for the most part of his/her salary.

Earlier salon owners would never accept a tip. However, these days with ever increasing rents, products and salaries to pay for, a little extra will not hurt, especially if it’s a small salon owner.

Monetary tips encourage the hairdresser and ensure that there is prompt and happy service the next time round too. However, money is not the only way to keep your stylist happy; here are few other means of getting great service:

* Don’t be late for an appointment. The hairdresser probably has a whole list of clients to cater to and by going in late you can throw the entire lot out of sync. Or it could also mean that you may not get the back massage that you enjoyed the previous time.

* Never cancel your appointment less than 24 hours from the time of your appointment. This will not give your hairdresser the chance to get another client for that slot, thereby losing money.

* Don’t miss a chance to give gifts. If you hairdresser had a baby recently, now may be a time to gift a dress or if you went on a holiday, you could pick up a souvenir or a t-shirt.

A friendly rapport with your hairdresser would mean a better interest in your hairstyle and in the way you look. It won’t hurt to have your hairdresser’s complete attention. If you have ever wondered how much you should tip your hairdresser, it depends on how good you want to look at the end of the haircut.

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